Welcome to the inaugural
Eco Village Film Festival

Learn all about eco villages – locally and globally.
Hear our speakers talk about their ecovillage experiences.

See a range of informative films, interviews and presentations.

This gathering, focusing on what ecovillages are,
and why they are so important today,
will entertain and educate you.

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You may ask “What is an ecovillage?”

One of Crystal WatersEcovillage permaculture designers, Max Lindegger, was an early member and Australian representative of t
he Global Ecovillage Network – founded in 1995. The photo above is of Crystal Waters.

“ECO” comes from the Greek word “Oikos” relating to family,
home and the land surrounding the home – planet.

The “Global Ecovillage Network” defines an ecovillage as a rural or urban community that is consciously designed through locally owned, participatory processes in all four dimensions of sustainability (social, culture, ecology and economy) to regenerate their social and natural environments. They emerge according to the characteristics of their own bio-regions and typically embrace four dimensions: the social, the ecological, the cultural and the spiritual combined into a systemic, holistic approach that encourages community and personal development. Together, we manifest a reality where ecovillage lifestyles become an aspiration, inspiring large scale, community-led change processes and government-supported systems for a regenerative world. 


Our Speakers

Eco Villages Australia

Claire Ogden – Our MC

spent the last nine years running her business, “Claire’s Circus School” and volunteering with environmental groups such as Lock the Gate, The Greens, Front Line Action on Coal, Stop Adani Brisbane and Galilee Blockade. She is co-founder, with Andrew McLean, of Eco Villages Australia which has recently bought a property in Maleny and is volunteering full-time to develop a small, co-housing ecovillage. Claire is an active volunteer with the Global Ecovillage Network Australia and is on the coordinating team for the GEN Australia Emergence Convergence 2019 to be held in November at Maleny Showgrounds.


Trudy Juriansz

is the Networking Director of the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) and one of the coordinators of its regional arms, GENOA (GEN Oceania Asia). She is an advocate of ecosystem restoration, ecovillage lifestyles and social enterprise. Trudy previously co-managed Belipola Sustainability Education Center, the world’s first Analog Forest site in Sri Lanka, and with her partner, set it up to be a flourishing education and training center, ecotourism site, community hub and social enterprise. She is an accredited trainer of Ecovillage Design Education, Analog Forestry (a design science for forest ecosystem restoration) and yoga, and she holds a graduate degree in Sustainability Education.  In addition, she has studied, practiced and taught permaculture and deep ecology for many years. Trudy’s ethics and values stem from deep ecology and bioregional communities. 


Our guest speakers have much experience and knowledge of ecovillages to share. You can meet them at the information tables outside between 10am to 7pm.

Eco Villages Australia

Andrew McLean

is the co-founder of Eco Villages Australia (EVA), a non-profit organisation that holds land in community land trust (CLT) model, so those small communities can develop their own regenerative residential spaces and practices.

EVA has bought its first property in Maleny, Queensland, and is at the start of an exciting journey!


Our Venue
“The Verandah Room”
downstairs Maleny Community Centre
23 Maple Street, Maleny, QLD 4552
WEB: www.malenycc.org


Michael Ney

is a documentary filmmaker, and digital media producer and resident at Crystal Waters Ecovillage for over two years. Until 2017 he worked in Sydney for mostly education clients such as Kaplan and the University of Sydney and many others. He was also engaged as a photographer by magazines such as Nature & Health, Simply Living, Sonics, and Rolling Stone. He has also created many multimedia presentations, staged live events, built websites and elearning platforms, as well as being involved in graphic design and publishing for more than three decades. His focus now is on ‘Cultural Creatives’ – eco-business and promoting a sustainable future. He is also the editor and publisher of the new online magazine Eco Village Voice.


Robin Clayfield

is a Permaculture Pioneer and international educator specialising in Social Permaculture, creative, interactive facilitation, teacher training and group leadership. Author of many books, a training manual and various resources to support educators and community workers. Robin consults for individuals, intentional communities globally and supports those who work for ‘the solution’ to be more effective, successful and empowered through harvesting solutions, fostering collaboration and using ‘Dynamic Group’ work and creative problem solving. She has lived at Crystal Waters EcoVillage for over 31 years having bought into the plan in the mid 80s.


Delicious Food
will be available for lunch and dinner, as well as
snacks, teas and coffee throughout the day.

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The Inaugural
Eco Village Film Festival
is presented by
Eco Village Voice

… an online magazine originating at Crystal Waters Ecovillage, but it is also a video channel and independent social media platform celebrating the rise of new models of sustainable communities around the world. The aim is to provide education on many aspects of ecovillage living, on regeneration and permaculture principles and appropriate technologies – care for land, people and fair share – as well as foster alliances and encourage more communication between other ecovillages for the sake of our planet’s wellbeing.

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